What sounds like coherency?

Sounds like coherency

carancha Caranx care a hang caring carnage Carnegie Carnegiea Casuarinaceae ceramic ceramics ceremonious cernuous ceruminous chariness charming cheering Cheremis Cheremiss chiromance chiromancy Chironomus chorionic chronic churning co-occurrence cocksureness coherence coherency cooccurring cormose

Definitions for coherency

  • noun - logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts
  • noun - the state of cohering or sticking together
  • Pronounciation of coherency

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    Synonyms for coherency

    coherence cohesion cohesiveness

    Antonyms for coherency

    No antonyms found for coherency.

    Holonyms for coherency

    No holonyms found for coherency.

    Hyponyms for coherency

    consistency continuity

    Hypernyms for coherency

    link comprehensibility connectedness understandability connection

    Meronyms for coherency

    No meronyms found for coherency.