What sounds like dangle?

Sounds like dangle

damoiselle damosel damozel damsel dance hall dance school Dangla dangle death angel demagogical demeaningly demoiselle demoniacal demoniacally densely diatonic scale dingily dingle dining-hall domicile dominical dongle downscale duncical dunghill dynamical dynamically

Definitions for dangle

  • verb - cause to dangle or hang freely; "He dangled the ornaments from the Christmas tree"
  • verb - hang freely; "the ornaments dangled from the tree"; "The light dropped from the ceiling"
  • Pronounciation of dangle

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    Synonyms for dangle

    swing drop

    Antonyms for dangle

    No antonyms found for dangle.

    Holonyms for dangle

    No holonyms found for dangle.

    Hyponyms for dangle

    droop loll

    Hypernyms for dangle

    suspend hang

    Meronyms for dangle

    No meronyms found for dangle.