What sounds like deep-six?

Sounds like deep-six

No words sound like deep-six.

Definitions for deep-six

  • verb - throw from a boat
  • verb - toss out; get rid of; "deep-six these old souvenirs!"
  • Pronounciation of deep-six

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    Synonyms for deep-six

    throw overboard give it the deep six

    Antonyms for deep-six

    No antonyms found for deep-six.

    Holonyms for deep-six

    No holonyms found for deep-six.

    Hyponyms for deep-six

    No hyponyms found for deep-six.

    Hypernyms for deep-six

    throw toss out dispose cast away discard toss away throw out put away fling chuck out cast out toss cast aside throw away

    Meronyms for deep-six

    No meronyms found for deep-six.