What sounds like depose?

Sounds like depose

dabchick Daboecia database date back dative case Daviesia Davis Davys daybook day book debase debauch debauchee debouch Debs debug Debussy deedbox deep-sea deep-six deep kiss deface defog defuse deific depose device devices devious devise

Definitions for depose

  • verb - make a deposition; declare under oath
  • verb - force to leave (an office)
  • Pronounciation of depose

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    Synonyms for depose

    force out swear depone

    Antonyms for depose

    No antonyms found for depose.

    Holonyms for depose

    No holonyms found for depose.

    Hyponyms for depose

    overturn bring down overthrow subvert

    Hypernyms for depose

    throw out expel drum out declare boot out oust kick out

    Meronyms for depose

    No meronyms found for depose.