What sounds like desiccation?

Sounds like desiccation

No words sound like desiccation.

Definitions for desiccation

  • noun - the process of extracting moisture
  • noun - dryness resulting from the removal of water
  • Pronounciation of desiccation

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    Synonyms for desiccation

    dehydration drying up evaporation

    Antonyms for desiccation

    No antonyms found for desiccation.

    Holonyms for desiccation

    No holonyms found for desiccation.

    Hyponyms for desiccation

    inspissation freeze-drying lyophilization lyophilisation

    Hypernyms for desiccation

    xerotes extraction dryness waterlessness

    Meronyms for desiccation

    No meronyms found for desiccation.