What sounds like dictum?

Sounds like dictum

Dagestani dash down data system decoction decussation dedication deduction degustation dejection deoxycytidine desiccation dessiatine destain destine destiny destitution detection detestation diastema dichotomy dictation diction dictum digestion disassociation disdain disesteem disquisition dissection dissociation

Definitions for dictum

  • noun - an authoritative declaration
  • noun - an opinion voiced by a judge on a point of law not directly bearing on the case in question and therefore not binding
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    Synonyms for dictum

    pronouncement say-so obiter dictum

    Antonyms for dictum

    No antonyms found for dictum.

    Holonyms for dictum

    No holonyms found for dictum.

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    Hypernyms for dictum

    judgment declaration judgement opinion legal opinion

    Meronyms for dictum

    No meronyms found for dictum.