What sounds like digestion?

Sounds like digestion

No words sound like digestion.

Definitions for digestion

  • noun - learning and coming to understand ideas and information; "his appetite for facts was better than his digestion"
  • noun - the organic process by which food is converted into substances that can be absorbed into the body
  • noun - the process of decomposing organic matter (as in sewage) by bacteria or by chemical action or heat
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    Synonyms for digestion

    No synonyms found for digestion.

    Antonyms for digestion

    No antonyms found for digestion.

    Holonyms for digestion

    No holonyms found for digestion.

    Hyponyms for digestion

    gastric digestion

    Hypernyms for digestion

    biological process learning chemical process acquisition chemical change organic process chemical action

    Meronyms for digestion

    No meronyms found for digestion.