What sounds like dongle?

Sounds like dongle

damoiselle damosel damozel damsel dance hall dance school Dangla dangle death angel demagogical demeaningly demoiselle demoniacal demoniacally densely diatonic scale dingily dingle dining-hall domicile dominical dongle downscale duncical dunghill dynamical dynamically

Definitions for dongle

  • noun - (computer science) an electronic device that must be attached to a computer in order for it to use protected software
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    Synonyms for dongle

    No synonyms found for dongle.

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    No antonyms found for dongle.

    Holonyms for dongle

    No holonyms found for dongle.

    Hyponyms for dongle

    No hyponyms found for dongle.

    Hypernyms for dongle

    electronic device

    Meronyms for dongle

    No meronyms found for dongle.