What sounds like duster?

Sounds like duster

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Definitions for duster

  • noun - a pitch thrown deliberately close to the batter
  • noun - a piece of cloth used for dusting
  • noun - a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles
  • noun - a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand; "it was the kind of duster not experienced in years"
  • Pronounciation of duster

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    Synonyms for duster

    gaberdine dust storm gabardine sandstorm dustcloth smock sirocco dustrag dust coat

    Antonyms for duster

    No antonyms found for duster.

    Holonyms for duster

    No holonyms found for duster.

    Hyponyms for duster

    No hyponyms found for duster.

    Hypernyms for duster

    piece of cloth piece of material pitch coverall delivery windstorm

    Meronyms for duster

    No meronyms found for duster.