What sounds like eighteen?

Sounds like eighteen

Eastman echidna ecosystem eighteen eighty-nine eighty-one ejection equation Equisetum equitation eschaton esteem Esthonia Esthonian Estonia Estonian Eustoma exaction excitation excogitation execution exhaustion exudation

Definitions for eighteen

  • adjective - being one more than seventeen
  • noun - the cardinal number that is the sum of seventeen and one
  • Pronounciation of eighteen

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    Synonyms for eighteen

    18 xviii

    Antonyms for eighteen

    No antonyms found for eighteen.

    Holonyms for eighteen

    No holonyms found for eighteen.

    Hyponyms for eighteen

    No hyponyms found for eighteen.

    Hypernyms for eighteen

    large integer

    Meronyms for eighteen

    No meronyms found for eighteen.