What sounds like erasure?

Sounds like erasure

eraser erasure

Definitions for erasure

  • noun - deletion by an act of expunging or erasing
  • noun - a surface area where something has been erased; "another word had been written over the erasure"
  • noun - a correction made by erasing; "there were many erasures in the typescript"
  • Pronounciation of erasure

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    Synonyms for erasure

    expunction expunging

    Antonyms for erasure

    No antonyms found for erasure.

    Holonyms for erasure

    No holonyms found for erasure.

    Hyponyms for erasure

    No hyponyms found for erasure.

    Hypernyms for erasure

    surface area deletion correction area expanse

    Meronyms for erasure

    No meronyms found for erasure.