force out

What sounds like force out?

Sounds like force out

fabricate fabricated far-right Farragut farsighted Far East febricity ferocity ferric oxide fibrosity fireside fire code first first aid force-out forced force out forecast foreshadow foresight foresighted forest forestay forested forged forget forked fork out Forseti forsooth

Definitions for force out

  • verb - emit or cause to move with force of effort; "force out the air"; "force out the splinter"
  • noun - a putout of a base runner who is required to run; the putout is accomplished by holding the ball while touching the base to which the runner must advance before the runner reaches that base; "the shortstop got the runner at second on a force"
  • verb - force with the thumb; "gouge out his eyes"
  • verb - cause to come out in a squirt; "the boy squirted water at his little sister"
  • verb - expel from one's property or force to move out by a legal process; "The landlord evicted the tenants after they had not paid the rent for four months"
  • verb - press
  • verb - force or drive out; "The police routed them out of bed at 2 A.M."
  • verb - terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position; "The boss fired his secretary today"; "The company terminated 25% of its workers"
  • verb - force to leave (an office)
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    Synonyms for force out

    force-out force play force evict rouse can sack gouge crowd out displace dismiss give the sack squirt rout out fire give the axe terminate squeeze out eject drive out give notice send away depose

    Antonyms for force out

    No antonyms found for force out.

    Holonyms for force out

    No holonyms found for force out.

    Hyponyms for force out

    furlough send packing subvert smoke out lay off send away overturn spritz retire squeeze out drop bring down extravasate pension off clean out dismiss overthrow hunt

    Hypernyms for force out

    putout eject boot out remove kick out chuck out turn out oust expel emit mutilate exclude displace throw out breathe mar discharge turf out move drum out pass off

    Meronyms for force out

    No meronyms found for force out.