What sounds like fourteen?

Sounds like fourteen

ferritin fibroadenoma fire warden foredoom foreordain Fortuna fortune forty-nine forty-one Fort Wayne fourteen freedman freedom freedwoman Freetown free time Freudian Friedan Friedman fruition

Definitions for fourteen

  • adjective - being one more than thirteen
  • noun - the cardinal number that is the sum of thirteen and one
  • Pronounciation of fourteen

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    Synonyms for fourteen

    14 xiv

    Antonyms for fourteen

    No antonyms found for fourteen.

    Holonyms for fourteen

    No holonyms found for fourteen.

    Hyponyms for fourteen

    No hyponyms found for fourteen.

    Hypernyms for fourteen

    large integer

    Meronyms for fourteen

    No meronyms found for fourteen.