What sounds like freedom?

Sounds like freedom

ferritin fibroadenoma fire warden foredoom foreordain Fortuna fortune forty-nine forty-one Fort Wayne fourteen freedman freedom freedwoman Freetown free time Freudian Friedan Friedman fruition

Definitions for freedom

  • noun - the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints
  • noun - immunity from an obligation or duty
  • Pronounciation of freedom

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    Synonyms for freedom


    Antonyms for freedom

    No antonyms found for freedom.

    Holonyms for freedom

    No holonyms found for freedom.

    Hyponyms for freedom

    indemnity blank check independence political liberty svoboda impunity academic freedom free rein independency amnesty grandfather clause enfranchisement play liberty diplomatic immunity free hand freedom of the seas civil liberty

    Hypernyms for freedom

    state unsusceptibility immunity

    Meronyms for freedom

    No meronyms found for freedom.