What sounds like hew?

Sounds like hew

H H2O HA ha-ha hao haw haw-haw Hawai'i Hawaii hay he hee-haw hew hi hie Ho hoe hoo-ha hoo-hah hooey Howe hoy hoya HUA hue

Definitions for hew

  • verb - strike with an axe; cut down
  • verb - make or shape as with an axe; "hew out a path in the rock"
  • Pronounciation of hew

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    Synonyms for hew

    hew out

    Antonyms for hew

    No antonyms found for hew.

    Holonyms for hew

    No holonyms found for hew.

    Hyponyms for hew

    roughcast snag rough-hew

    Hypernyms for hew

    strike carve

    Meronyms for hew

    No meronyms found for hew.