What sounds like homophile?

Sounds like homophile

haemophile haemophilia haemophilia A Hannibal Hemofil hemophile hemophilia hemophilia A hemp willow homophile honey bell humble humbly

Definitions for homophile

  • adjective - homosexual or arousing homosexual desires
  • noun - someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
  • Pronounciation of homophile

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    Synonyms for homophile

    gay queer homosexual homo

    Antonyms for homophile

    No antonyms found for homophile.

    Holonyms for homophile

    No holonyms found for homophile.

    Hyponyms for homophile

    lesbian tribade gay man gay woman shirtlifter

    Hypernyms for homophile

    someone somebody person mortal individual soul

    Meronyms for homophile

    No meronyms found for homophile.