What sounds like hue?

Sounds like hue

H H2O HA ha-ha hao haw haw-haw Hawai'i Hawaii hay he hee-haw hew hi hie Ho hoe hoo-ha hoo-hah hooey Howe hoy hoya HUA hue

Definitions for hue

  • verb - suffuse with color
  • verb - take on color or become colored; "In highlights it hued to a dull silver-grey"
  • noun - the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength
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    Synonyms for hue

    chromaticity imbue

    Antonyms for hue

    No antonyms found for hue.

    Holonyms for hue

    No holonyms found for hue.

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    Hypernyms for hue

    color property colourise colour in color colourize change colorize colour alter colorise color in modify

    Meronyms for hue

    No meronyms found for hue.