What sounds like hydrilla?

Sounds like hydrilla


Definitions for hydrilla

  • noun - submersed plant with whorled lanceolate leaves and solitary axillary flowers; Old World plant naturalized in southern United States and clogging Florida's waterways
  • Pronounciation of hydrilla

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    Synonyms for hydrilla

    Hydrilla verticillata

    Antonyms for hydrilla

    No antonyms found for hydrilla.

    Holonyms for hydrilla

    genus Hydrilla

    Hyponyms for hydrilla

    No hyponyms found for hydrilla.

    Hypernyms for hydrilla

    hydrophyte hydrophytic plant aquatic plant water plant

    Meronyms for hydrilla

    No meronyms found for hydrilla.