What sounds like imitator?

Sounds like imitator

No words sound like imitator.

Definitions for imitator

  • noun - someone who copies the words or behavior of another
  • noun - someone who (fraudulently) assumes the appearance of another
  • Pronounciation of imitator

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    Synonyms for imitator

    ape aper copycat impersonator emulator

    Antonyms for imitator

    No antonyms found for imitator.

    Holonyms for imitator

    No holonyms found for imitator.

    Hyponyms for imitator

    parrot mimic epigone mimicker epigon

    Hypernyms for imitator

    someone deceiver beguiler somebody cheat slicker person mortal cheater individual soul trickster

    Meronyms for imitator

    No meronyms found for imitator.