What sounds like lark?

Sounds like lark

larch large largess largesse largish largo Larix lark Larousse Larus Lauraceae Laurasia Laurus layer cake leresis Lorca lorica low-rise lowercase lower jaw lurch lurk lyric Lyrurus

Definitions for lark

  • noun - any carefree episode
  • noun - any of numerous predominantly Old World birds noted for their singing
  • noun - a songbird that lives mainly on the ground in open country; has streaky brown plumage
  • noun - North American songbirds having a yellow breast
  • verb - play boisterously; "The children frolicked in the garden"; "the gamboling lambs in the meadows"; "The toddlers romped in the playroom"
  • Pronounciation of lark

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    Synonyms for lark

    escapade pipit titlark meadowlark frolic sport romp rollick cavort run around skylark gambol lark about disport frisk

    Antonyms for lark

    No antonyms found for lark.

    Holonyms for lark

    Alaudidae Sturnella family Alaudidae genus Sturnella Anthus genus Anthus

    Hyponyms for lark

    sexcapade Anthus pratensis Sturnella neglecta skylark eastern meadowlark Alauda arvensis Sturnella magna meadow pipit western meadowlark

    Hypernyms for lark

    diversion New World oriole recreation American oriole oscine oriole oscine bird play

    Meronyms for lark

    No meronyms found for lark.