What sounds like meal?

Sounds like meal

mail Maillol mainly Malawi Malay Malaya male maleo Mali mall mallee mallow mamilla mammal Mammalia mammilla manhole Manila manilla manly manual manually manul maul Mauna Loa May lily meal mealie mealy meanly

Definitions for meal

  • noun - coarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse
  • noun - the food served and eaten at one time
  • noun - any of the occasions for eating food that occur by custom or habit at more or less fixed times
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    Synonyms for meal


    Antonyms for meal

    No antonyms found for meal.

    Holonyms for meal

    No holonyms found for meal.

    Hyponyms for meal

    cornmeal matzoh meal pea flour potluck lunch tea supper collation banquet Indian meal matzah meal pinole refection luncheon afternoon tea buffet snack feast farina oatmeal mess breakfast tiffin teatime picnic nosh-up spread kibble matzo meal rolled oats square meal brunch dejeuner dinner bite ploughman's lunch

    Hypernyms for meal

    food product sustenance occasion nutriment aliment nourishment alimentation foodstuff nutrition victuals

    Meronyms for meal

    No meronyms found for meal.