oxeye daisy

What sounds like oxeye daisy?

Sounds like oxeye daisy

oast house osseous tissue osteitis Ostyak ox-eyed daisy oxeye daisy oxidase oxidise oxidize oxytocic

Definitions for oxeye daisy

  • noun - tall leafy-stemmed Eurasian perennial with white flowers; widely naturalized; often placed in genus Chrysanthemum
  • noun - similar to oxeye daisy
  • Pronounciation of oxeye daisy

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    Synonyms for oxeye daisy

    marguerite Chrysanthemum leucanthemum moon daisy Leucanthemum maximum white daisy Chrysanthemum maximum ox-eyed daisy Leucanthemum vulgare

    Antonyms for oxeye daisy

    No antonyms found for oxeye daisy.

    Holonyms for oxeye daisy

    genus Leucanthemum Leucanthemum

    Hyponyms for oxeye daisy

    No hyponyms found for oxeye daisy.

    Hypernyms for oxeye daisy

    composite composite plant flower

    Meronyms for oxeye daisy

    No meronyms found for oxeye daisy.