What sounds like oxytocic?

Sounds like oxytocic

oast house osseous tissue osteitis Ostyak ox-eyed daisy oxeye daisy oxidase oxidise oxidize oxytocic

Definitions for oxytocic

  • noun - a drug that induces labor by stimulating contractions of the muscles of the uterus
  • Pronounciation of oxytocic

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    Synonyms for oxytocic

    oxytocic drug

    Antonyms for oxytocic

    No antonyms found for oxytocic.

    Holonyms for oxytocic

    No holonyms found for oxytocic.

    Hyponyms for oxytocic

    No hyponyms found for oxytocic.

    Hypernyms for oxytocic

    medicinal drug medicine medication medicament

    Meronyms for oxytocic

    No meronyms found for oxytocic.