What sounds like palliate?

Sounds like palliate

palate pale-hued paleolith palette Palladio pallet pallette palliate pallid pallidity Palo Alto papillate payload peeled pellet pelota pelt peltate peludo peopled Phillidae Pholadidae Pholidae Pholidota Pholiota Phyllidae phyllode piebald Pilate pill head

Definitions for palliate

  • verb - provide physical relief
  • verb - lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of; "The circumstances extenuate the crime"
  • Pronounciation of palliate

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    Synonyms for palliate

    extenuate relieve mitigate alleviate assuage

    Antonyms for palliate

    No antonyms found for palliate.

    Holonyms for palliate

    No holonyms found for palliate.

    Hyponyms for palliate

    soothe comfort ease

    Hypernyms for palliate

    excuse ameliorate justify better meliorate rationalize improve apologize rationalise amend apologise

    Meronyms for palliate

    No meronyms found for palliate.