What sounds like paragon?

Sounds like paragon

Papaver argemone paper chain paracosm paragon Paraguayan parazoan paregmenon Parisian Parisienne Parjanya parosamia paroxysm Parseeism Parsiism parsimony parson pauperism Percina percussion Pergamum perigon perigone perigonium Persian persimmon person persona Persoonia persuasion Pharaoh's chicken

Definitions for paragon

  • noun - an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept
  • noun - model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal
  • Pronounciation of paragon

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    Synonyms for paragon

    nonesuch ideal nonsuch idol nonpareil perfection saint apotheosis beau ideal

    Antonyms for paragon

    No antonyms found for paragon.

    Holonyms for paragon

    No holonyms found for paragon.

    Hyponyms for paragon

    crackerjack gold standard class act jimdandy humdinger jimhickey

    Hypernyms for paragon

    ideal model role model

    Meronyms for paragon

    No meronyms found for paragon.