What sounds like plunder?

Sounds like plunder

Palaemonidae palmate palmetto palm nut palometa Papilionoideae pea plant pelmet philomath phylum Nematoda pieplant pie plant plaint planate planet planetoid planned plant Plantae planted playmate plenitude plentitude plenty pliant plinth plowland plumate plumed plummet

Definitions for plunder

  • verb - destroy and strip of its possession; "The soldiers raped the beautiful country"
  • verb - steal goods; take as spoils; "During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners"
  • verb - plunder (a town) after capture; "the barbarians sacked Rome"
  • verb - take illegally; of intellectual property; "This writer plundered from famous authors"
  • noun - goods or money obtained illegally
  • Pronounciation of plunder

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    Synonyms for plunder

    swag dirty money booty prize despoil strip foray violate rifle sack rape loot ransack spoil reave pillage

    Antonyms for plunder

    No antonyms found for plunder.

    Holonyms for plunder

    No holonyms found for plunder.

    Hyponyms for plunder

    deplume displume

    Hypernyms for plunder

    stolen property take steal destroy ruin

    Meronyms for plunder

    No meronyms found for plunder.