What sounds like realism?

Sounds like realism

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Definitions for realism

  • noun - the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth
  • noun - (philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that abstract concepts exist independent of their names
  • noun - (philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that physical objects continue to exist when not perceived
  • noun - an artistic movement in 19th century France; artists and writers strove for detailed realistic and factual description
  • noun - the state of being actual or real; "the reality of his situation slowly dawned on him"
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    Synonyms for realism

    naturalism pragmatism reality Platonism realness naive realism

    Antonyms for realism

    No antonyms found for realism.

    Holonyms for realism

    No holonyms found for realism.

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    Hypernyms for realism

    artistic movement practicality art movement philosophical doctrine actuality philosophical theory

    Meronyms for realism

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