What sounds like satirize?

Sounds like satirize

Sagittarius Saiga tatarica satiric satirise satirize Satureja satyriasis satyric scatter rug schistorrhachis scut work secateurs see-through see through Sheetrock shitwork siderosis sidetrack side horse Sistrurus Sitotroga skeeter hawk soak through squeak through staircase stairs starch starches starchy stargaze

Definitions for satirize

  • verb - ridicule with satire; "The writer satirized the politician's proposal"
  • Pronounciation of satirize

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    Synonyms for satirize

    satirise lampoon

    Antonyms for satirize

    No antonyms found for satirize.

    Holonyms for satirize

    No holonyms found for satirize.

    Hyponyms for satirize

    No hyponyms found for satirize.

    Hypernyms for satirize

    blackguard make fun ridicule laugh at poke fun roast jest at guy rib

    Meronyms for satirize

    No meronyms found for satirize.