What sounds like scammony?

Sounds like scammony

No words sound like scammony.

Definitions for scammony

  • noun - twining plant of Asia Minor having cream-colored to purple flowers and long thick roots yielding a cathartic resin
  • noun - resin from the root of Convolvulus scammonia
  • noun - tropical American morning glory
  • Pronounciation of scammony

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    Synonyms for scammony

    Convolvulus scammonia Ipomoea orizabensis

    Antonyms for scammony

    No antonyms found for scammony.

    Holonyms for scammony

    No holonyms found for scammony.

    Hyponyms for scammony

    No hyponyms found for scammony.

    Hypernyms for scammony

    morning glory convolvulus natural resin

    Meronyms for scammony

    No meronyms found for scammony.