What sounds like scavenge?

Sounds like scavenge

sac fungus safeness sapience sapiens saponaceous saving savings sawbones scavenge scoffing sea pink seeping sevens seven seas sex offense shabbiness shaping shaving shebang shipping shopping sixpence soapiness sobbing Sophonias sopping soupiness spang Spanish Spanish oak

Definitions for scavenge

  • verb - remove unwanted substances from
  • verb - feed on carrion or refuse; "hyenas scavenge"
  • verb - collect discarded or refused material; "She scavenged the garbage cans for food"
  • verb - clean refuse from; "Scavenge a street"
  • Pronounciation of scavenge

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    Synonyms for scavenge

    clean salvage

    Antonyms for scavenge

    No antonyms found for scavenge.

    Holonyms for scavenge

    No holonyms found for scavenge.

    Hyponyms for scavenge

    No hyponyms found for scavenge.

    Hypernyms for scavenge

    remove feed collect take give pull together take away gather clean withdraw garner make clean

    Meronyms for scavenge

    No meronyms found for scavenge.