What sounds like schistorrhachis?

Sounds like schistorrhachis

No words sound like schistorrhachis.

Definitions for schistorrhachis

  • noun - a not uncommon congenital defect in which a vertebra is malformed; unless several vertebrae are affected or there is myelomeningocele there are few symptoms; can be diagnosed by amniocentesis
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    Synonyms for schistorrhachis

    spina bifida rachischisis

    Antonyms for schistorrhachis

    No antonyms found for schistorrhachis.

    Holonyms for schistorrhachis

    No holonyms found for schistorrhachis.

    Hyponyms for schistorrhachis

    No hyponyms found for schistorrhachis.

    Hypernyms for schistorrhachis

    congenital defect congenital disorder birth defect congenital abnormality congenital anomaly

    Meronyms for schistorrhachis

    No meronyms found for schistorrhachis.