sea power

What sounds like sea power?

Sounds like sea power

saber sabra sabre Safar safari Saphar Sapir sapper sapphire Sapporo Savara saver savior saviour savor savory savour savoury scauper scoffer scuffer scupper seafarer sea gooseberry sea power sea spray sea spurry seborrhea secpar sever

Definitions for sea power

  • noun - naval strength
  • noun - a nation that possesses formidable naval strength
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    Synonyms for sea power

    No synonyms found for sea power.

    Antonyms for sea power

    No antonyms found for sea power.

    Holonyms for sea power

    No holonyms found for sea power.

    Hyponyms for sea power

    No hyponyms found for sea power.

    Hypernyms for sea power

    military capability posture land military strength state commonwealth strength nation res publica military posture country body politic

    Meronyms for sea power

    No meronyms found for sea power.