What sounds like silent?

Sounds like silent

SACLANT salient Salientia salinate salinity salmonid Salmonidae salmwood schoolmate sealant Seeland sex-limited sex gland shell entity silent Sjaelland slant slant-eye slanted slimed social unit solemnity Solenidae solenoid Solent soul mate succulent Sulamyd Swaziland swollen-headed

Definitions for silent

  • adjective - unable to speak because of hereditary deafness
  • adjective - having a frequency below or above the range of human audibility; "a silent dog whistle"
  • adjective - not made to sound; "the silent `h' at the beginning of `honor'"; "in French certain letters are often unsounded"
  • adjective - failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to; "the witness remained silent"
  • adjective - implied by or inferred from actions or statements; "gave silent consent"; "a tacit agreement"; "the understood provisos of a custody agreement"
  • adjective - marked by absence of sound; "a silent house"; "soundless footsteps on the grass"; "the night was still"
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    Synonyms for silent

    unsounded soundless mum still dumb tacit mute understood

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