What sounds like starve?

Sounds like starve

satrap Saudi Arabia scout troop sex drive shock therapy Sitta europaea starve statutory rape Sterope stirrup stir up strafe strap Streep strep strife strip stripe stripy strive strobe strop strophe stroppy suksdorfia sweet woodruff

Definitions for starve

  • verb - die of food deprivation; "The political prisoners starved to death"; "Many famished in the countryside during the drought"
  • verb - deprive of food; "They starved the prisoners"
  • verb - deprive of a necessity and cause suffering; "he is starving her of love"; "The engine was starved of fuel"
  • verb - be hungry; go without food; "Let's eat--I'm starving!"
  • verb - have a craving
  • Pronounciation of starve

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    Synonyms for starve

    famish lust hunger crave thirst

    Antonyms for starve

    feed be full

    Holonyms for starve

    No holonyms found for starve.

    Hyponyms for starve

    No hyponyms found for starve.

    Hypernyms for starve

    pass conk choke suffer go kick the bucket give-up the ghost croak hurt die exit cash in one's chips drop dead snuff it desire decease pass away buy the farm pop off deprive want perish expire

    Meronyms for starve

    No meronyms found for starve.