What sounds like succulent?

Sounds like succulent

No words sound like succulent.

Definitions for succulent

  • adjective - full of juice; "lush fruits"; "succulent roast beef"; "succulent plants with thick fleshy leaves"
  • noun - a plant adapted to arid conditions and characterized by fleshy water-storing tissues that act as water reservoirs
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    Synonyms for succulent


    Antonyms for succulent

    No antonyms found for succulent.

    Holonyms for succulent

    No holonyms found for succulent.

    Hyponyms for succulent

    Hottentot's fig livingstone daisy stoneface flowering stone cactus sour fig Dorotheanthus bellidiformis stone-face living granite aloe Carpobrotus edulis lithops stone plant living rock Hottentot fig Mesembryanthemum edule living stone stone life face stone mimicry plant

    Hypernyms for succulent

    tracheophyte vascular plant

    Meronyms for succulent

    No meronyms found for succulent.