What sounds like sycophant?

Sounds like sycophant

No words sound like sycophant.

Definitions for sycophant

  • noun - a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
  • Pronounciation of sycophant

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    Synonyms for sycophant

    ass-kisser toady crawler lackey

    Antonyms for sycophant

    No antonyms found for sycophant.

    Holonyms for sycophant

    No holonyms found for sycophant.

    Hyponyms for sycophant

    groveller apple polisher groveler bootlicker truckler fawner goody-goody

    Hypernyms for sycophant

    flatterer adulator

    Meronyms for sycophant

    No meronyms found for sycophant.