What sounds like sycophant?

Sounds like sycophant

No words sound like sycophant.

Definitions for sycophant

  • noun - a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
  • Pronounciation of sycophant

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    Synonyms for sycophant

    lackey ass-kisser toady crawler

    Antonyms for sycophant

    No antonyms found for sycophant.

    Holonyms for sycophant

    No holonyms found for sycophant.

    Hyponyms for sycophant

    fawner goody-goody groveller apple polisher groveler bootlicker truckler

    Hypernyms for sycophant

    flatterer adulator

    Meronyms for sycophant

    No meronyms found for sycophant.