the Flood

What sounds like the Flood?

Sounds like the Flood

tablet table d'hote tabloid tabulate Tebaldi the Flood Tipulidae Tofieldia to a fault twayblade two-eyed violet two-fold twofold

Definitions for the Flood

  • noun - (Biblical) the great deluge that is said in the Book of Genesis to have occurred in the time of Noah; it was brought by God upon the earth because of the wickedness of human beings
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    Synonyms for the Flood

    Noah's flood Noachian deluge Noah and the Flood

    Antonyms for the Flood

    No antonyms found for the Flood.

    Holonyms for the Flood

    No holonyms found for the Flood.

    Hyponyms for the Flood

    No hyponyms found for the Flood.

    Hypernyms for the Flood

    flood inundation deluge alluvion

    Meronyms for the Flood

    No meronyms found for the Flood.