What sounds like unison?

Sounds like unison

uncanny unchain uncommon unionism unison unknown unseen unseeyn unshaken unsown ununhexium

Definitions for unison

  • noun - (music) two or more sounds or tones at the same pitch or in octaves; "singing in unison"
  • noun - occurring together or simultaneously; "the two spoke in unison"
  • noun - corresponding exactly; "marching in unison"
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    Synonyms for unison

    No synonyms found for unison.

    Antonyms for unison

    No antonyms found for unison.

    Holonyms for unison

    No holonyms found for unison.

    Hyponyms for unison

    No hyponyms found for unison.

    Hypernyms for unison

    sound co-occurrence concurrence agreement coincidence accord conjunction

    Meronyms for unison

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