What sounds like veto?

Sounds like veto

V-day V-E Day vapid vapidity vat vat dye VD VDU Veda vet veto video Vidua vitiate vitiated vivid void voodoo vote vote out VT

Definitions for veto

  • noun - a vote that blocks a decision
  • verb - command against; "I forbid you to call me late at night"; "Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store"; "Dad nixed our plans"
  • verb - vote against; refuse to endorse; refuse to assent; "The President vetoed the bill"
  • noun - the power or right to prohibit or reject a proposed or intended act (especially the power of a chief executive to reject a bill passed by the legislature)
  • Pronounciation of veto

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    Synonyms for veto

    interdict blackball proscribe negative forbid disallow prohibit nix

    Antonyms for veto

    No antonyms found for veto.

    Holonyms for veto

    No holonyms found for veto.

    Hyponyms for veto

    pocket veto bar outlaw illegalise vote down debar criminalize kill vote out exclude criminalise shoot down ban enjoin illegalize defeat

    Hypernyms for veto

    voting powerfulness balloting vote ballot power oppose controvert command contradict require

    Meronyms for veto

    No meronyms found for veto.