woolly aphid

What sounds like woolly aphid?

Sounds like woolly aphid

well-behaved well-fed well behaved whaleboat woolly aphid wool fat

Definitions for woolly aphid

  • noun - secretes a waxy substance like a mass of fine curly white cotton or woolly threads
  • Pronounciation of woolly aphid

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    Synonyms for woolly aphid

    woolly plant louse

    Antonyms for woolly aphid

    No antonyms found for woolly aphid.

    Holonyms for woolly aphid

    No holonyms found for woolly aphid.

    Hyponyms for woolly aphid

    woolly apple aphid Prociphilus tessellatus American blight Eriosoma lanigerum woolly alder aphid

    Hypernyms for woolly aphid


    Meronyms for woolly aphid

    No meronyms found for woolly aphid.