What are the synonyms for Mulla?

Synonyms for Mulla

Mullah Mollah

Definitions for Mulla

  • noun - a Muslim trained in the doctrine and law of Islam; the head of a mosque
  • Pronounciation of Mulla

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    Antonyms for Mulla

    No antonyms found for Mulla.

    Holonyms for Mulla

    ulema ulama

    Hypernyms for Mulla

    Muslim Moslem

    Hyponyms for Mulla

    No hyponyms found for Mulla.

    Meronyms for Mulla

    No meronyms found for Mulla.

    Sounds like Mulla

    mail Maillol mainly Malawi Malay Malaya male maleo Mali mall mallee mallow mamilla mammal Mammalia mammilla manhole Manila manilla manly manual manually manul maul Mauna Loa May lily meal mealie mealy meanly