Pulicaria dysenterica

What are the synonyms for Pulicaria dysenterica?

Synonyms for Pulicaria dysenterica

fleabane feabane mullet

Definitions for Pulicaria dysenterica

  • noun - hairy perennial Eurasian herb with yellow daisylike flowers reputed to destroy or drive away fleas
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    Antonyms for Pulicaria dysenterica

    No antonyms found for Pulicaria dysenterica.

    Holonyms for Pulicaria dysenterica

    Pulicaria genus Pulicaria

    Hypernyms for Pulicaria dysenterica

    herb herbaceous plant

    Hyponyms for Pulicaria dysenterica

    No hyponyms found for Pulicaria dysenterica.

    Meronyms for Pulicaria dysenterica

    No meronyms found for Pulicaria dysenterica.

    Sounds like Pulicaria dysenterica

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