adult male

What are the synonyms for adult male?

Synonyms for adult male


Definitions for adult male

  • noun - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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    Antonyms for adult male

    No antonyms found for adult male.

    Holonyms for adult male

    No holonyms found for adult male.

    Hypernyms for adult male

    adult grownup male male person

    Hyponyms for adult male

    Black man baboo boy swain bruiser dude swell Esquire father figure galoot divorced man bozo hunk iron man middle-aged man greybeard paterfamilias Senhor signore he-man widowman wonder boy white man bachelor boyfriend young man strapper fop fashion plate Esq father surrogate geezer guy Herr ex-husband ironman Monsieur graybeard Peter Pan shaver sir macho-man womanizer golden boy yellow man unmarried man fellow ex-boyfriend Samson gallant clotheshorse eunuch father-figure gentleman cat Hooray Henry ex ironside old boy Methuselah ponce signor stiff Tarzan womaniser young buck babu bey beau bull dandy sheik ejaculator castrate buster grass widower hombre housefather inamorato adonis old man patriarch posseman signior stud widower philanderer

    Meronyms for adult male

    No meronyms found for adult male.

    Sounds like adult male

    addle-head addled addlehead Adelaide adulate adult adulthood adult tooth athlete atilt