What are the synonyms for barbate?

Synonyms for barbate

whiskery bearded bewhiskered whiskered

Definitions for barbate

  • adjective - having hair on the cheeks and chin
  • Pronounciation of barbate

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    Antonyms for barbate

    No antonyms found for barbate.

    Holonyms for barbate

    No holonyms found for barbate.

    Hypernyms for barbate

    No hypernyms found for barbate.

    Hyponyms for barbate

    No hyponyms found for barbate.

    Meronyms for barbate

    No meronyms found for barbate.

    Sounds like barbate

    barbate barbed barbet barbette Barbuda bareboat barefoot barefooted bar bit bereaved bereft bore bit borrow pit bravado brave out Brer Rabbit brevet brevity browbeat Bryophyta bryophyte burbot