What are the synonyms for bewhiskered?

Synonyms for bewhiskered

whiskery bearded barbate whiskered

Definitions for bewhiskered

  • adjective - having hair on the cheeks and chin
  • Pronounciation of bewhiskered

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    Antonyms for bewhiskered

    No antonyms found for bewhiskered.

    Holonyms for bewhiskered

    No holonyms found for bewhiskered.

    Hypernyms for bewhiskered

    No hypernyms found for bewhiskered.

    Hyponyms for bewhiskered

    No hyponyms found for bewhiskered.

    Meronyms for bewhiskered

    No meronyms found for bewhiskered.

    Sounds like bewhiskered

    baccarat back-geared backsword backward backyard base rate beggarweed Beograd bewhiskered bigarade bighearted biohazard biserrate Bogart Bucerotidae bus route buzzard buzzword