What are the synonyms for clothe?

Synonyms for clothe

dress tog apparel invest enclothe garment cloak adorn garb habilitate drape raiment fit out robe

Definitions for clothe

  • verb - provide with clothes or put clothes on; "Parents must feed and dress their child"
  • verb - cover as if with clothing; "the mountain was clothed in tropical trees"
  • verb - furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
  • Pronounciation of clothe

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    Antonyms for clothe

    No antonyms found for clothe.

    Holonyms for clothe

    No holonyms found for clothe.

    Hypernyms for clothe

    change state equip turn fit cover fit out spread over outfit

    Hyponyms for clothe

    prim wrap up habit underdress costume gown prim up jacket vesture corset dress up prim out frock overdress shoe vest cover shirt overclothe coat robe

    Meronyms for clothe

    No meronyms found for clothe.

    Sounds like clothe

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