What are the synonyms for crackpot?

Synonyms for crackpot

fruitcake crank screwball nut nut case

Definitions for crackpot

  • noun - a whimsically eccentric person
  • Pronounciation of crackpot

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    Antonyms for crackpot

    No antonyms found for crackpot.

    Holonyms for crackpot

    No holonyms found for crackpot.

    Hypernyms for crackpot

    oddball eccentric geek eccentric person flake

    Hyponyms for crackpot

    No hyponyms found for crackpot.

    Meronyms for crackpot

    No meronyms found for crackpot.

    Sounds like crackpot

    cargo ship Carica papaya charge up chirk up coercive cork up corrosive crack-up crack up crisp crispy crock up Crosby crossbow cross off crucify cruise ship cryoscope cursive