What are the synonyms for debauchery?

Synonyms for debauchery

orgy bacchanal debauch bacchanalia saturnalia drunken revelry riot

Definitions for debauchery

  • noun - a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity
  • Pronounciation of debauchery

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    Antonyms for debauchery

    No antonyms found for debauchery.

    Holonyms for debauchery

    No holonyms found for debauchery.

    Hypernyms for debauchery

    revel revelry

    Hyponyms for debauchery

    No hyponyms found for debauchery.

    Meronyms for debauchery

    No meronyms found for debauchery.

    Sounds like debauchery

    Davy's gray Davy's grey debaser debaucher debauchery debugger deposer deviser devisor diffuser diffusor divisor