What are the synonyms for decimate?

Synonyms for decimate

eliminate wipe out annihilate carry off extinguish eradicate

Definitions for decimate

  • verb - kill in large numbers; "the plague wiped out an entire population"
  • verb - kill one in every ten
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    Antonyms for decimate

    No antonyms found for decimate.

    Holonyms for decimate

    No holonyms found for decimate.

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    Hyponyms for decimate

    No hyponyms found for decimate.

    Meronyms for decimate

    No meronyms found for decimate.

    Sounds like decimate

    dachshund decant decent decimate deckhand dehiscent deoxygenate descant descend descent desiccant designate designed desmid Desmond Tutu desquamate detachment dignity dig into dika nut discant discommode discount discussant disjoined disjoint disjointed dismayed dismount disownment