What are the synonyms for denude?

Synonyms for denude

bare denudate strip

Definitions for denude

  • verb - lay bare; "denude a forest"
  • Pronounciation of denude

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    Antonyms for denude

    No antonyms found for denude.

    Holonyms for denude

    No holonyms found for denude.

    Hypernyms for denude


    Hyponyms for denude

    defoliate burn off

    Meronyms for denude

    No meronyms found for denude.

    Sounds like denude

    dainty damned danaid Danaidae dandy Dante daunt daunted day in and day out day in day out de-iodinate de-ionate dead-end deadened dead end dead hand deaminate demand demantoid demented dementia demimonde demode demote denominate denote denouement dent dentate dented